Love is blind

The first time I put my eyes on you I thought ‘oh what a cutie’ and when you look back at me and with those blue eyes, I couldn’t believe it. Then something magical happened, and you smile and I smile and then we were kissing. We lost contact for a month, I thought that it was going to be a one night boy,  but then you talked to me again and I just couldn’t believe you remember me. You wanted to see me again and I want it too. Then a day I went out and destiny wanted us to meet again. It was all sexual but I didn’t care. Two weeks later, Valentine’s day, I went to your home and since that day we started to meet and it’s been a while now and you consider your girl and everything seems so perfect. Maybe it’s just a fling, maybe not, but I just want to enjoy it until it’s over.

Each time we meet I feel butterflies and I get so nervous but when I see you and you smile I forget everything and I just have eyes for you, and when I get home and I subconsciously started thinking about you I can’t seem to find anything bad. I like when you say you want someone you can trust and I fool with you. You seem so vulnerable and so confident at the same time. People say love is blind, maybe I’m just blind.
Be yourself be Bhaltair.


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