Christmas challenge

It’s finally December and we’re just a few weeks from Christmas. I’m too old to do the chocolate calendar as a countdown until Xmas, so I’ve decided to make it my way.

Today I’m starting my own countdown as a challenge. Each day I will post a song, recipe and a fact about Xmas. There will be 24.

Here goes the first one:

Xmas challenge #1

Song: All I want for Christmas.

Mariah Carey-All I want for Christmas 

I don’t care what version because it’s one of my fav songs. It gives you thatspecial feeling. For me it’s such a Christmas song…

Recipe: Orange cake.

Knowing that now it’s the season for oranges it’s the best one to start with. It’s really easy to make.

2 oranges 

250 gr. Sugar

250 gr. Flour

3 eggs

15 gr. 


Fact: aguilnaldo

It’s when people sing (usually kids) and someone gives you money. That’s the word we use here in Spain. we usually do it Christmas’eve, and we use all kind of instruments (tambourine) or even pans or anything that make noises.

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