Hearts of War by L.S.Pullen (Book Review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Hearts of War is the third book in the Hearts Series by L.S.Pullen.

The book is situated in Europe during the World War II and the events that took place in that time.

It’s narrated in the 1st POV by Ana Dubois, the female main character. The book starts with Ana having to give up on the love of her life. This makes her sign up to the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, where she develops her abilities to serve a greater purpose.

She is very strong and independent, shows great abilities to survive. More over, she shows a sense of vulnerability that helps you connect with her and with her feelings. She grows throughout the story, learning that life puts everybody in their right path and that has something prepared for everyone.

Later on, Ana is sent on a mission and stationed on a farm where she meets Reuben.

Reuben, at first, is very closed off and sticks strictly to their missions but with the pass of time he gets closer to Ana and starts revealing his true self.

Reuben is very strong willed and protective of those he loves. He is also very intelligent which comes in handy through the events they live while together.

Hearts of War is a very easy to read book. A historical romance that makes you turn the page to know what gonna happen next. Starts with a couple interesting happenings that make you want to read more about and see what else is going on. There’s a part where it feels a bit fast-paced, like things are going too fast and made feel a bit disconnected, thought this is fix after a couple chapters and our still invested in the story and the characters.

I am usually not a historical reader, though this book made me change my mind a bit, now I have the other two books in the Hearts series, Where The Heart Is and Dysfunctional Hearts, on my To-Read List. L.S.Pullen is a great discovery as an author and I’ll keep an eye on her next work.


War changes everything.

It shatters dreams and unravels families. It extinguishes—not just life, but love and hope and stability.

For Annalise Dubois, during the outbreak of World War II, life as she knows it ceases to exist. 

Bitter and unwilling to watch as her best friend and the love of her life start a family, Ana must make a choice: misery or change. 

After joining the war effort, being recruited by the SOE and training as a Secret Agent was not something she ever would have envisioned, but sitting back wallowing in her own grief was something she refused to return to.

Everything she ever thought she knew about love, loss, and family is tested to the brink. Finding herself behind enemy lines, and taking comfort in someone new, she must choose between her past or her present.

What will she do when everything around her falls apart?


L.S.Pullen aka Leila, is a daughter, sister and proud aunt. An indie author of Where the Heart Is, Dysfunctional Hearts and Hearts of War. Born and raised in North London, she recently relocated to Peterborough, England. She enjoys art, photography, film and theatre. In true English fashion, loves afternoon tea. No longer working the corporate life, she is currently writing full time. As well as managing a small craft business, Wisteria Handmade Crafts and Indie Author’s Book Services offering multiple services to other aspiring and self-publishing authors.

Website: http://lspullen.co.uk
Twitter: lspauthor

Facebook: http://facebook.com/lspullenauthor
Instagram: http://instagram.com/lspauthor

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