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Lonely or alone.

There are some times in life when you have to fly alone, be yourself and forget about the world because you are the only one who is there for your own self. There are other times when people makes you feel like you have to do things on your own, like you have to be alone and lonely.

I’ve learnt a lesson from that times on life: if they make you be alone it’s because they don’t deserve to be by your side. Only the ones, who truly respect you as you are, the ones who treat you as the person you make yourself, the ones who love you and don’t underestimate you, are the kind of people you must have by your side because the will let you alone but they won’t make you feel lonely. I’m now in one of those situations and even if I know the kind of people I should have with me I know I don’t have them because… I don’t really know why, maybe I’m a masochist (haha no), it’s just that I don’t feel strong enough to be alone for a while because I’m too afraid to feel that loneliness which tores you apart. I hope someday in the near future I’ll be able to let myself be and get to find people who really wants me to be me and not someone else and that don’t make me feel lonely.