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Hello Mister you:

Hello Mister you:
I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time and maybe it is now when destiny decided that we should meet but I was crazy about you before we put our eyes on each other. It’s obvious that you’re not ready for this but I’m taking a risk about it and try to make it, so that way you’ll be attached to me in a way you won’t believe. You are not going to be able to get away from me, you won’t want to spend a single minute without me and I’m so going to enjoy it that no one’s gonna stop me and that’s just reality. There’s just a small thing on my way, that girl you don’t obviously like but still keep in your life, so why don’t change things and meet a real woman that would make you change perspective about things, and we all know you’re gonna love it, so just assumed it that way we can get past that and go to the important things. It’s more than obvious that we have a non-resolve sexual tension, why don’t find a solution to that. I’m sure you would love it, and me too by the way, shall we follow the song and “let’s get physical”. Only an advice the time you prove it there won’t be going back, so let’s affront it and make it real. You and I could be more than just words, looks and those dances that drove both of us crazy, and we know that. Let’s lose ourselves a little bit too much and do what we want, right here right now.
Miss (me).

Pd: Be yourself be Bhaltair.