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Dance at night…

Everything starts with a smile and our eyes meet. You say something to your friend and I pretend to look at something in my phone. I see you laughing with your friend and I think maybe it’s about me. Then your friend comes to me and asks me to dance and I say yes just to continue the story and see your reaction. The song ends and I stop dancing. We all sit and cheer and when I finished my drink you come to me, smile and I smile back at you like a fool. Then you extend your hand at me and I feel like smiling more. You ask me if I wanted to dance and I feel silly for not take your hand right when you extend it, but you still ask and I say yes in a low tone that you almost missed. We dance,  well more I follow you because I’m too nervous to dance properly and you laugh when I say it aloud. After dancing 3 songs, which I don’t know but I don’t really care about, you give me another drink to cheer with you and to get less nervous. My friends tell me that you are interested in me and I laugh because that’s what happens to me too and it’s almost absurd. I look at you and you smile and I laugh because I don’t really believe what my friends say. A few minutes later you extend your hand again and I don’t doubt it this time. I take your hand and while we’re dancing we talk and maybe, just maybe I start to think that it’s true what my friends say. You ask me if I have a boyfriend, I say no and ask you the same and you doubt but say no. I feel like missing something though I don’t care. Everything change when someone tell me you have a girlfriend, but you don’t really like her. That’s when all change. I start to dance more provocatively that way you will feel more attracted to me. Then you ask for my number and I give it to you knowing that you probably won’t use it. We say goodbye, you make your way home and I make mine. At home I think about all that happens and feel asleep hoping to see you again.
Be yourself be bhaltair.