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WWE ‘Royal Rumble’

The last sunday was Royal Rumble, the first pay-per-view of the year, and it was very good ’til the end, when Batista, surprisingly, won the rumble match. It was being a very good night with new tag-team champions, Randy Orton still champion, The Wyatts attacking John Cena and a great match between Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt, so when the rumble get started all fans were expecting an impressive competition between 30 wrestlers. CM Punk and Seth Rollins started the match, which had pretty good moments, like the 12 eliminations of Roman Reigns, the return of Sheamus or the entry of Alexander Rusev from NXT. However there were a few things that make the rumble unworthy of your money. Batista winning was really predictable and with the same slot (#28) as the last time he won, the non-appearence of Daniel Bryan was a mistake, the crowd was expecting him after his great match with Bray Wyatt, Kane eliminating Punk in the last moments after being eliminated make even clearer that Triple H and Punk will come face-to-face at WrestleMania. WWE is having a few problems not listening to the crowd, so they will have to make a big effort at Elimination Chamber and at Wrestlemania XXX to make fans forget about this Royal Rumble.Mythoughts are that Brock Lesnar could win the WWE World Heavywheight Champion and face Batista at the biggest of all stages, but is bigger the probability that Randy Orton confronts Batista and The Authority. Going back to the Rumble match, like the fact that Punk and Rollins were there most of the match, also that Rollins wasn¡t the only one member of The Shield that didn’t betray another mate. so maybe if The Shield dissolves he will turn face? That could happen, I really hope he gets to be rewarded as Reigns is being, because I think he is pretty good material for the company and fans would like him. I feel really bad for the reaction the fans had with the  poor Rey Mysterio, it wasn’t his fault that he came 30 when the crowd was expecting Bryan, although I think WWE should do the rumble bigger with 40 participants, they have a big roster and more superstars could compete. We had Sheamus back in the Rumble, doing really good by the way, and Christian is also making his return this friday at SmackDown, great news for the Peeps, I am a peep so I’m really excited to see him again. Be yourself be Bhaltair.