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Plans for summer…

It’s the first sunday of summer and with it comes all kind of possible activities to do. However, we don’t alas have the summer we plan. Here goes my expectations for this summer and we’ll see byte the end of if I’ve made all of them or just a few.
¤Go to a few summer parties.
¤Have too much fun with my friends.
¤Continue with my ‘bf’.
¤Get my driver license.
¤Learn (or try) to play the guitar.
¤Get lost a weekend away from home.
¤Make a party in my house.
¤Finish watching all series I’ve missed during class.
¤Read some books.
¤Re-discover my city.
¤Go to a music festival.

Those old days…

Miss that parties where I lose all control of myself, where I did what I wanted because I was pretty drunk. Suddenly I talked to a stranger or I messaged a ‘friend’. I laughed and dance and sing a lot and everything seemed just better, nothing mattered.  Being all free for just a few hours, no stress at all, just having fun. Oh how miss those old days.