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Next to you.

Review: Next to you by Sandra Antonelli.

Great, great surprise, that’s what this book has been. I found it casually when I searched the word batman in a book’s blog. It’s my first book about forty/fifty aged (actually I learned this fact while I was reading) but I’m really happy I found it. The author knows how to show the start of a friendship between next-door neighbours, the intricate ways they interconnect. The main characters are so different but have so much in common you’ll be waiting for something to happen. The man (William) is so educated, well-behave and elegant you cannot fall a bit in love with him, and the woman (Caroline) is sweet and cute but has a not-so-good backstory that will make you want to know more about her. The ending was surprising (literally the last pages) though there wasn’t much drama.

P.s.:  I had to wait 2 days to read the final 50 or so pages because I didn’t want the book to end.