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I hate mornings.

I just woke up and I’m super angry. Everybody seems to be late, all running like crazy and they don’t care about  anyone. They push you as if they were more important than you are. It’s like they have no respect for the other. Then I’m here feeling all stupid, trying to be respectful and let the others go before me and I’m so mad right now I could kill someone( well not that much) but it’s been a hell of a morning. I hate this morning. People could be a lot more respectful towards the others because then they  asked the same for them, well you must respect to be respected. Then the young people is unconcerned about today’s problem and go their own ways and doesn’t think about no one else, that’s just a lie,  most of us let our seats to older people and babies, let others pass before us. So may I start behaving like anyone else, no I don’t want to be like anyone else. I just hope your conscience let you all sleep at night and I wish that someday you discover you aren’t the only ones here. Be yourself be Bhaltair.