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Having Hope

Having Hope (Blow Hole series, 4) by Tabatha Vargo.

This is the story of Chet Rhodes drummer of the Blow Hole, and Hope Iverson, drummer of the Red Room Sirens. They’re going on tour together. Chet is a ‘live the moment’ guy, drugs, alcohol, sex, parties and rock ‘n roll. He has suffered too much in life and doesn’t want to waste time. Hope is a dreamer, that works hard to have a good life, but also enjoys a good party. They have more things in common than what it seems, just not because of the drum. Throughout the book we see them grow and show how they are, not how they they want the others to see them. Hope is strong and independent, but also needs someone who can fight with her and show her other parts of life that se has hidden for so long. Chet is jealous of the life their band mates have, but he think his opportunity flew away. It’s a really easy to read book and you get caught from the beginning, you can read it as a standalone, though you’ll have a few spoilers of the previous books. I highly recommend reading it, and also I loved that it was about two drummers, boy and girls. The rest of the characters complement the story and some of them, the band girls, make you want toknow more about them. It has even some funny parts, but it’s a bit too dramatic at times.

I started this one without reading the others in the series but now I’m gonna make them a summer read.