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#Swag Review

#Swag is the 3rd book in the GearShark issues by Cambria Hebert. It’s about Lorhaven and Joey’s story. We’ve met them before in the other 2 books. Joey is a girl in a man’s world and Lorhaven is a douche. In these book we get to know them better and see how they develop. Joey/Josie is a strong independent girl that can fight for her own wars without protection, we get to see how she has to fight to claim her reputation and leave her own mark in a sport dominated by men. But there’s more to her than just that, because she can not only drive fast, you’ll just have to read to find. Lorhaven/Jace is an asshole not so much. He has a reputation an image to maintain, but he is so much more, like really. He will surprised you and that’s for sure. They grow so much together but being their own selves and that’s a thing I just love about couples in books. They don’t change their personalities, they just develop into more. I like from the beginning, I had a preconceived idea, I thought they were going to fight each other all the time, but it’s not that, they complement each other and they were at the same page always. No one love first but then the other did to but not and then the big fight, no, that’s not what happened with them. They’re just different to the other couples and really get to me. I’d love to read another book about them. And I already love Arrow so I can’t wait for his book #Blur.