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The Goal 

The Goal (Off-Campus, 4) by Elle Kennedy.

This is Tucker and Sabrina’s book, you’ve met them in the other books.

It’s been an instahooked with this one. I was waiting for it, but I forgot last minute, thank god I read it in recommendations in a book group.

There are like 3 parts in the book. The first one is more lust-college, the second shows internal problems of and between them and the third one is the final struggles they have to face. If you’ve read the anterior book (The Score) you’ll know there’s a big event happening. Well that’s just part of the drama, though there’s not real big drama. The characters are so not what I think they would be. He’s a perfect gentleman with a cocky side. She’s focus and intelligent. They both make a great team together but don’t quite see it.

I feel silly and weak and I don’t like it. I should be immune to this. I mean, he’s just a guy. I’ve slept with lots of guys before and I’m sure there’ll be many in the future. So why am I all weak-kneed and fluttery around this one?

The book is about how can you face things that life puts you through better when you have someone with you, and someone to fight for.

I’ve read The Mistake and The Score (2&3, not the first one, I’m weird like that) and these books just have something, it’s so sad that this is the last one, though it’s gonna be an spin-off (maybe about Fitzy, I think). I could totally re-read it a few times. Totally recommend it. My fav is The Score, I fell in love with Dean, but the first one to aattract me was Logan, that’s why I started with the second in the series, although there’s something about Garret and Hannah that doesn’t appeal me (though I think I’ll read it soon).

Warning: there’s a really gross character (from his very first scene) but the book is worth it, so.