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Bye bye 18!!! That’s what I’m gonna be saying in just a few hours.
This year has been my first year in adulthood. I’d been waiting all my life for this moment to come and now that year has passed and I just can remember all things that has taken place:
I had one hell of a bday party with limo included. I’ve started university and also passed my first year, so I’m not a newbie. Love has come to my life and though I was afraid, it is one of the best things. I also had a tattoo made. I went to Miley Cyrus and The Rolling Stones concerts. I started gaping out at night and having all kind of parties till next morning. I’ve known new cities but also I’ve revisited old places. I’ve made new friends.
Although the most important thing is that I’ve grown more mature, and even though I love being 18, I’m ready to be a 19 year old and to continue learning things.