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Miley Cyrus.


She’s been criticised for act like she wanted to, because she just shows  how she is and defend her friends and her behavior. At the beginning when she was Hannah Montana I didn’t like her, but in the last seasons I just couldn’t deny the good actress and singer she is. The released of Can’t be tamed make a change in my view on her and I started to become her fan because I began to see her as a model to follow. The way she was rebelling against what people think of her for being Hannah Montana, how she just changed and started to show us the woman she was, and after 3 years she returns better than ever and changes all thoughts we had of her. Her look, her songs, how she dances and how she is just make the difference. I wish I could be more like her. I was young like her, now I’m trying to be wild and I hope in a few years I can be free. She’s just the role model almost perfect. I’m gonna go to her concert and I know it’s gonna be awesome. Now I’ve became a smiler. Beyourselfbebhaltair.