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Another year begins. That should mean 365 days to live (guessing I don’t die earlier). 365 opportunities to change the course of a life. Dreaming and making it true. Not wasting but spending time.

Did I have New Year resolutions? No. Why should I have if I’m not able to make them? Life is hard enough to waste the last days of the year thinking what you’re gonna do the next. Well, I’d say more like trying to do because if I’m honest I don’t make any of it. Like any. And if I have some thoughts of how I wanna it go, then for sure it’s gonna be the other way possible. 

Let’s make a last check of 2016: same thing, same shit. There’s been good and there’s been bad and then there’s been life. I don’t want to sound negative (though my own self tends to be, it’s a bad habit), I feel like I’m improving, I feel proud of some of my achievements, but I don’t feel good with my life when I think about my age and the things I should be doing. Is it that hard for me to live as my age? Or maybe is something that everybody feels and not just me. That leads me to think that I may be a bit egotistical or egocentric because I sometimes feel or think that what happens to me only happens to me, and I hate to be that way. Though in the end I’m just human and ‘we are like that’. Hate stereotypes. In the end it doesn’t matter because this post is about me so woo me. 

Going back to 2017. I have to say I lied because I have one resolution or curiosity: How will I end up the year, in case I finished it, will I feel the same? 

Let’s wish everybody a good year. 

Happy New Year!!!

It’s not me it’s you.

Not the typical girl trying to go for the oh-so-typical-boy and that’s   where all started. A game with two winners, you and I  or one loser, me. The thing is I’m a bad loser so better stop acting like a jerk and do what you feel. All your friends know, all my friends know, but there’s a girlfriend in the way, and that you don’t care about, so if you don’t care why should I; from now there won’t be boundaries between us, even if she is there. I’m gonna get you to wish me and want me like you’ve never done towards anyone before and it’s gonna make you crazy about it and I’m so going to enjoy it. The end would be you going after me, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you catch me…