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She didn’t think for the right thing to say. She just wanted to be heard, but her voice was barely a whisper. So she thought of something to make the world listen to her. She tried and tried and tried but nothing worked. She decided to give it a last shot, a last chance for the world. She climbed the highest top and screamed at the top of her lungs but there was not a reaction. She abandoned, thinking she had failed. The world didn’t heard her. She was working so hard that she didn’t notice that someone was behind, listening to every single word that came out of her mouth. Even the whispers. Someone that tried and tried and tried to get her to listen but failed. Someone that promised to never give up until she heard what was behind her. Until she noticed the path she’s left behind. Until she heard the world.

The lie of love.

In this world full of lies, the only thrush that stands is Love (?).
We don’t say I love you that much, we say I love too soon without feeling it.
We live in a world where Love is the biggest lie. We all pretend love is our real purpose in life, but we suffer when we don’t find love, when we’re in love, when we lost love, when we don’t have love, so what’s the real motif of Love if it hurts us in all the possible ways. I’m starting to believe love is not made for me, and it hurts. So I’m just destined to be in pain without being in love.
Be(in love) yourself be Bhaltair.