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Merry Xmas

It’s Christmas day, at least. A lot of time thinking about today. To celebrate, to laugh, to shine, to eat, to sing, to dance, to love, to live.

My special Xmas song is Last Christmas. It’s so beautiful. 

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you tear it away. This year to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special.

Recipe: there’s none. Just a good meal with your family and loved ones. Xmas should be about that. 

Fact: we spent more time deciding what to wear and what make up and shoes and whatever, instead of celebrating with the family. 

I wish you a very merry christmas, and I hope you enjoy these days. Kisses.

Xmas #18

Xmas#18, one week to go. Are you feeling the magic?

This one is a book a movie and there is a song too (I think): A Christmas Carol.

It’s like the typical, for all generations story. And with a wonderful message underneath. It awakes Christmas feelings even in August.

Recipe: turron or nougat.

There are a lot of kinds now, though the typical are the soft, the hard, with almonds and the chocolate crunchy one.

Fact: gold from Melchor, incense from Gaspar and myrrh from Baltasar were the gifts baby Jesus received.

Xmas #15

It’s the final countdown, 10 days to go.

Song: peces en el rio.

It’s a famous Spanish jingle. 

Pero mira como beben los peces en el río, pero mira como beben por ver a Dios nacido.

Recipe: chocolate tears.

You’ll need around 100 gr of pure chocolate. Then you melt the chocolate and put it in a pastry bag. That way you can get small portions of chocolate in the form of tears. Last part is freeze them. You can change the type of chocolate or mix it, that depends on your tastes.

Fact: the Xmas decorations usually are put the 7,8,9 of December, because there’s no work and it’s near enough Xmas.

Xmas challenge #11

Second week off. In 11 days holidays woo.

Song: Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

It’s one of the most beautiful songs about Xmas ever.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light. From now on our troubles will be our of sight.

Recipe: churros con chocolate

This cold winter days there’s nothing better than a hot chocolate. Accompanying it you can have some churros. They’re a mass of flour, water, olive oil and salt. 

Fact: the churros are typical all winter, but more so Christmas and New Year. After partying all night they feel real good.

Xmas #9 (and #8)

Xmas lights are on. Yesterday I went to see the Christmas lights. There was a lot of people doing photos and visiting with their families. These are magical moments.

Song: Let it Snow.

Let it Snow-Michael Bublé
Recipe: cake pop (Xmas edition)

Cake pop is a really fun sweet. They’re like popsicles and easy to prepare.

You’ll need cake to put it in ball forms. Then they freeze for 30 min. The last part is the decoration. You can cover them with chocolate or different glazes. Here’s a Xmas idea.

Fact: jewelry is very important always, but to pass the year with luck and for the good purpose of 2017. It’s important to wear something goldish, so you’ll have good luck. If you believe in that you have to put it in your flute of champagne or in the one containing the grapes.

Xmas #6 & #7

So I’ve lost conscience of time. I didn’t what day today was, but I also thought yesterday was the day before that. I don’t know, it a been crazy. So I’ll just make 2×1

Song: adeste fideles

It’s the one sang at church or special events. Old but on trend.

Recipe: 3 chocolates cake.

It’s a cake with dark chocolate, chocolate with milk and white chocolate. The base it’s made of cookies. It’s fresh and for all. People tend to love it. We usually do first the white one then the one with milk and last the dark. You can do it also in summer.

Fact: families forget their problems. Though they resurface a few weeks later. It’s not a tradition nor a real fact from an investigation, this is just common reality. 

Xmas #5

Another geek, another time, another thing to post tonight.

Song: jingle bells

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock.

It’s a funny song, I just love it.

Recipe: caramelized onion.

2/3 onions

50 olive oil

50 sugar

50 brandy (I put 30 white wine)

And my special touch soja

It’s a sauce that can go with a lot of dishes, I like it with goat cheese, meat or potatoes.

Fact: here in Spain the night of 5th to the 6th the 3 magic kings (los 3 Reyes magos) bring presents to the good kids. We also have Santa Claus but that’s a new thing.

Xmas challenge #4

First Sunday of December, that means one week less of the year. Time goes by and we don’t even notice. 

Song: Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

This song it’s special for kids. One you learn in school.

Rudolph reindeer

Recipe: chocolate bowl

It’s not an actual dish, but it’s great for desserts. You can put ice-cream in it.

You will need chocolate, balloons and your fridge.

First, you put chocolate to melt, then you inflate the balloon and then bring the bottom into the chocolate. Put it in the fridge for a few minutes and you have a tasty bowl that’ll make your guests wow you.

Fact: there’s an actual calendar to make the countdown. Each day you have to open the number and you find a candy.

Xmas challenge #3

​Xmas is nearly here and I’m getting  more excited, even though when will get to the actual days I’ll be sort of depressed, sad or just wanting to pass them. 

Song: Noche de Paz

This song is an all time, everybody knows it.

Recipe: Christmas lasagna

I haven’t tried this yet. I just found it and it seems so good. Really tasty (and it’s for dessert).

Christmas lasagna recipe
Fact: 31st december. What will be your underwear? Well, if you’re in Spain you’ll more likely to wear something red. It’s a good luck sign for the upcoming year.

Xmas Challenge #2

Day 2

I haven’t give up yet not I’ve forgotten it.

Song:Ande la Marimorena

It is a very famous Spanish jingle. Like everybody knows it.

Ande ande ande la marimorena,

Ande ande ande que es la Nochebuena.

Recipe: custard

My mom does this recipe only in the winter and she adds beaten eggs until they are stiff/soft peaks.

Fact: at New year’s eve it’s a habit to eat 12 grapes right before the midnight, while doing the countdown.