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Xmas #9 (and #8)

Xmas lights are on. Yesterday I went to see the Christmas lights. There was a lot of people doing photos and visiting with their families. These are magical moments.

Song: Let it Snow.

Let it Snow-Michael Bublé
Recipe: cake pop (Xmas edition)

Cake pop is a really fun sweet. They’re like popsicles and easy to prepare.

You’ll need cake to put it in ball forms. Then they freeze for 30 min. The last part is the decoration. You can cover them with chocolate or different glazes. Here’s a Xmas idea.

Fact: jewelry is very important always, but to pass the year with luck and for the good purpose of 2017. It’s important to wear something goldish, so you’ll have good luck. If you believe in that you have to put it in your flute of champagne or in the one containing the grapes.

Xmas #5

Another geek, another time, another thing to post tonight.

Song: jingle bells

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock.

It’s a funny song, I just love it.

Recipe: caramelized onion.

2/3 onions

50 olive oil

50 sugar

50 brandy (I put 30 white wine)

And my special touch soja

It’s a sauce that can go with a lot of dishes, I like it with goat cheese, meat or potatoes.

Fact: here in Spain the night of 5th to the 6th the 3 magic kings (los 3 Reyes magos) bring presents to the good kids. We also have Santa Claus but that’s a new thing.